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Current annual subscription is £8 pa. renewing on 1st April each year (joining in Jan to March makes the next renewal 1st April the following year).

  • Details of making payment direct to our bank will be sent by email on receipt of your application. 
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  • A separate online form is required for each applicant.  
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Third Age Trust Magazines

If you would like to receive a copy of the Third Age Matters  magazines, please make a separate payment of £3.80 per household.  In making this payment you consent to your contact details being forwarded to a 3rd party company for the purpose of distribution.


Gift Aid

Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate, helping our funds go further.

I confirm that I am a UK taxpayer and that I pay at least as much tax on my income or capital gains as this u3a will reclaim.

I understand that if I pay less income tax and o/or capital gains tax than the amount of gift aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year, it is my responsibility to pay any difference.

I will advise this u3a if I wish to cancel this declaration in the future, change my name or home address, or I no longer pay sufficient tax on my income or capital gains.

Notes: Your full home address is needed to identify you as a UK tax payer.  Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year.

If you pay income tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include all your gift aid donations on your tax return or ask HMRC to adjust your tax code.

I want to Gift Aid my donation of £8 and any donations I make in the future or have made in the past 4 years to the charity: Wokingham u3a.  Please select 'yes' box below.

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Wokingham u3a requires you to provide your personal information so that you can be kept informed about events and activities that are offered as part of your membership, where we have your email address.  In collecting the information we will  a) store it securely, b) use it to communicate with you as a Wokingham u3a member, c) share it with group convenors for those groups of which you are or may become a member, d) send you general information about the Third Age Trust* and Thames Valley Network*

* The Third Age Trust are the National Office to which all u3as are affiliated.  Thames Valley Network is a regional grouping of local u3as.

Further information relating to this use is contained in the Wokingham u3a Privacy and Data Protection Policies, which are available on our website.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Membership

All members must: -

Abide by the Aims and Guiding Principles of the u3a movement, 

 Always act in the best interest of the u3a and never do anything to bring the u3a into disrepute

Abide by the terms and conditions of the Wokingham u3a Constitution and Code of Conduct

Treat fellow members with respect and courtesy at all times

Comply with and support the decisions of the elected committee

Advise the committee of any change in your personal details

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